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HIPPIE DEATH CULT w/ Psyclops, Ethereal Sea & LáGoon
Friday July 26, 2019 9:00 pm PDT (Doors: 8:00 pm )
Hippie Death Cult
Hippie Death Cult is a Heavy Rock N' Roll band from Portland Oregon comprised of guitarist Eddie Brnabic vocalist Ben Jackson, bassist Laura Phillips, and drummer Ryan Moore. Shortly after their inception in early 2018 they began a string of local performances alongside some of the PNW's top local acts amassing a strong and loyal fanbase that is growing in numbers by the day. After releasing a succession of singles to the public in 2018, the band had managed to ignite a note worthy buzz in the worldwide Stoner Rock community and had caught the attention of several record labels and fans alike. With a year's worth of successful shows under their belt and an ever-growing local and worldwide fan base, the band is now set to make announcements about the release their first album followed by subsequent extensive touring later this year.
Long has the Psyclops lain in slumber beneath the consciousness of the masses, feeding on your most crucial synapses, and studying the human condition. Now, in this time of progress, the embodiment has presented itself to the public. It is unclear the intentions of this agent of change but one thing is certain; Psyclops is a reflection of everything it sees and everything that sees it.
Ethereal Sea