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GUN, Tiger Touch, Bad Sex, No Gracias, Erik Anarchy
Thursday January 25, 2018 8:30 pm PST (Doors: 8:00 pm )
No Gracias

G*U*N // U*S*A

Hardcore Rock and Roll on G*U*N Records from Portland, Oregon, USA


Tiger Touch

Tiger Touch is a FINE high-energy rock'n'roll band from Portland, OR powered by three loud and agile guitars, powerful drumming, and meaty bass lines. We play all original music (with a choice cover or two) that is a unique amalgamation of styles we dig: 70's glam, garage rock, punk rock, early rock'n'roll, action rock, death punk, stoner rock, etc.

Notable past projects: Luke was in The Gimmicks (Seattle, Estrus Records) Cliff was in Black Furies (San Francisco, Gearhead Records) Jason and Justin were in Bonneville Power (Portland) Luke, Jason, & Tim were in the People Electric (Portland, Tyrannical Volts Records)         

Bad Sex

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Erik Anarchy

My real name is Erik Griffiths. I have autism I have been playing guitar since I was 7 I have done shows with The Murder Junkies,Mobile Death Camp, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Social Unrest, Sex Slaves Defiance, Kane Hodder,The Secretions, WWF Yourself, Not A Part Of ItOl Mountain Do, ,Hard Pipe Hitters, School Yard Heroes, Dirty Kid Discount, Victor, Agent 86 Paul And Treaver, Autistic Youth, PRF, Recrud, Nazfiratu, The Quintessentials, She's Not Dead Clit Ripper, Self Abuse, Forced March, Rust Of Seasons, Deathcharge, Dead Section, Stooka, Stench Of Lies, Tater Famine, Fat Bottomed Girls, American Thighs, Vivasekt, John Tyner, Mind Candy, Can't Complain, Bums Island, Death List 5, Perfume, Pigs Aim To Fail, Recrud,Pink Venom, Dead Uncle Steamer,The Greengoes,Cat Massacre, Nude,Oil, Akbar, She He He's, Loser Life, Funky Jah Punky's,The Hershey Squirts, The Examples, Destruction Made Simple,Terazodu,Final Awakining, The Hand That Bleeds, Monster Sized Monsters,Cry Baby, Buck 90, Titarious,Red Light Accellerate, Vierra Lynn, Accidental Gun Death,Advisory, The Tax Payers, West Fold, Piss Test,China Loca The Manholes, Johnny Childstar, Droplaw, My Rescue, Rust Of Seasons, Kyle Parisi, Naughty Sister, The Mercury Tree, Locke And Load, Zek, Diesel Beach, Accidental Gun Death,Godbless America, Cancer And The Rat, Street Metal, Early Times, Neck Ties Make Me Nervous,Kephi Ghouli, Partners In 818, Full Frontal Assualt, Headless Pez, The Sedisionists, Bend Sinister, Abiku, Wet Pig, Puffer, Murmur, The Mutes, Mumbling Threats, Nazcalines, Ascaton,Scratch, Forced March, Von Doom, Daniell Fish, Talk Johnny, Lucky Beltran, Red Headed Stepchild, Interlopers, Miltias Mischief, Patria Jodida, Can't Complain, Effword, Crimany, Town And The Writ etc, The Venues I have played that are in Portland,OR area Double Treble, Star Bar,White Eagle, Analog Cafe,Dickey Doo's, Ranger Station, Habesha Lounge, Cafe Alchemy, Langano Lounge, Record Room, Tardis Room, Foggy Notion, Duckets Public HousePlan B, The Lovecraft Bar, Red Room, Rock Hard PDX,Basil Bar, The Agenda, Bar Of The Gods, Mt Tabor Theater, Mt Tabor The Legacy, Red And Black Café, Star E Rose, Laughing Horse Books, The Paris Theater,Loveland,The Dog House,Dmug,DH13, Rock And Roll Pizza,The Roseland, Satyricon, Hawthorne Theater,Ground Kontrol, Twilight Bar And Café, The Coop, Brainstains, The Hungery Tiger, 9 Muses, The Shop People, Pub At The End Of The Universe, Docs Club 82, Lucky Inn,Lents Commons, 45th Street Pub etc.Cafe Colonial In Sacramento, Continental Club in Oakland, Gales Central Club in Petaluma, Back Bar Original in San Jose, The Ones In Seattle That I played at are Studio 7 and The Columbia City Theater, 2 Bit Saloon, Fun House, Club Motor, Blue Moon, Chop Suey,etcThe one I played In Hillsboro is Influence Gallery, The one Venue I played in Grants Pass Is The Trove, Johnny B's In Medford,OR Standing Ovation and Kennedy's Night Club in Longview,WA The ones I played In Vancouver WA are Itat2to,Red Lion At The Quay, Pistols Skate shop, Pepper's Taquria and Pop Culture The Ones I've played in Beaverton OR are Friends Café And Pub,The Space Studios, Southridge Highschool,Java Mama and The Dublin Pub and on a street, I played at The Clinic in Santa Ana, I've Played at Johnny B's in MedfordI've played at Tiny Tavern, Lazarus Pit, The Blackforrest,ESAP,Missingtime Records, Alley Shack And Wandering Goat and The Astoria in Eugene, I played the VFW Hall in Riddle, I played at Hells Kitchen and Bob's Java Jive in Tacoma , I played at Your Break Tavern in Silverton,Tigardville Station in Tigard,OR I played at Domenics Bar And Grill and the Oak Grove Tavern Milwaukie,OR, I played at The Building in Hoquiam,WA The Charleston In Bremerton,The AFU Hall, Winterland WA Tony V's Garage Flights Pub and Haley's in Everett,WA Stewart's Place in Snohomish,WA The Renton Civic Theater in Renton,WA Max's Bar And Grill in Yakima, The Red Room in Boise,ID, Humpy's In Kailua Kona, I want perform in all over the world