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Dante's Presents
SCOTT KELLY (of Neurosis) with STAHV
Saturday January 6, 2018 9:00 pm PST (Doors: 8:00 pm )
Scott Kelly (of Neurosis)

Driven alternately by post-JK Broadrick electronic beatmaking and swells of atmospheric, buzzing distortion and minimalist dronescapes -The Obelisk

Unhurried desert crawl. Guitars twang against a soft synth pad...think of it as bedroom doom. Instead of capturing the sound happening between several people, Rosenschein is revealing the sounds inside his own head. -Invisible Oranges

On December 15th, Seattle doomgaze act STAHV releases its debut digitally, with limited edition cassette with unique packaging through Solid 7 Records to come in January, 2018 and vinyl from Forbidden Place later in the year.

STAHV is Solomon Arye Rosenschein, one human creating instrumental post-metal incorporating shoegaze, funeral doom, psychedelia, and esoterica. The name means autumn in Hebrew and winter in both Arabic and Aramaic. For twenty years Rosenschein has released records under a variety of monikers. He lives in Seattle, where he writes fiction and creative nonfiction and is half of spectral-folk duo The Royal Oui.