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Dante's Presents
BassMint Pros w/ Vague Choir and guests
Thursday September 14, 2017 9:00 pm PDT (Doors: 8:00 pm )
BassMint Pros

BassMint Pros are about pure expression, living and breathing your art, and spotlighting the diverse aspects of the Hip-Hop culture. The process of becoming a BassMint Pro is as simple as proclaiming that you are down with BMP or that you are a BassMint Pro and.... Welcome aboard.

Basement: 1. the part of a building that is wholly UNDERGROUND 2. the lowest or fundamental part of something.

Bass: 1. of low pitch 2. a deep sound or tone. Mint: 1. square stemmed herbs 2. a vast sum 3. unmarred as if FRESH from a mint.

Prose: 1. STRAIGHTFORWARD 2. ordinary language people use in writing or speaking.

Professional: 1. one that engages in an activity professionally 2. participating for gain in an activity OFTEN ENGAGED IN BY AMATEURS.

Pros: Prosody; 1. study of poetic structure TECHNIQUES involved in writing it, including RHYME, meter, and the patterns of VERSE forms 2. RHYTHM of speech 3. system or theory of writing verse.

Hip-Hop: 1. popular music, art, and dance 2. A form of popular CULTURE that started in African American inner-city areas (South Bronx, NY) characterized by rap music, graffiti art, DJing, BeatBoxing, and break dancing.

Collective: 1. SHARED by ALL 2. collected to form whole 3. applying to MANY 4. worker-run.

BMP AKA; BassMint Pros, in summation is a Hip-Hop Collective. In the BassMint Pros you can come and go as you please. Your involvment well ItzOnU!~ NO CONTRACTS!~ NO BS!~ Leave the ego at the door. Check the intolerance and hatred when dealing with BMP. BassMint Pros is about; positive musick, art, dance and culture from positive headz!~ Making musick from your heart and being yourself is uber critical. In the world of BMP....All are welcome!~ Race, Sex, Religion, etc... matter not to the staunch headz of BMP. The only thing we hold against peeps is if they are... STUPID!~ Then we have, no love. BMP aka BassMint Pros!~ You down?       

Vague Choir