Event Details

EKOLU with Island Bound
Thursday April 2, 2020 9:00 pm PDT (Doors: 8:00 pm )
$20.00 - $125.00
When you hear the name "Ekolu", your first thought is about your most favorite song released from these Maui Boys. Ekolu has been a part of the Island Reggae music scene for almost 20 years. Ekolu released their debut album back in 1999, titled Down In The Valley, and since then, they have created their own style of music that started a branding of Ekolu Music. Ekolu has been one of Hawai'i's top favorite Island Reggae Music artist on the scene today. Within the 20 years of being together, Ekolu has released 9 full length Ekolu albums with a few single releases that has shown how the band has evolved with the times of today.

Speaking of evolving, Ekolu has 3 main band members, 2 being original and 1 whom is the newest and the youngest member to the band.

Lead singer and co-founder of Ekolu, Lukela Keala and Bass Player, vocalist, Makapu Ho'opii is the original main band members of Ekolu. Joshua Kahele, whom is the newest and the youngest 3rd member to Ekolu has added his smooth , soulful vocals to this Trio. Their talent and live performance shows how much a band whose been around for awhile still can be a part of this ever changing music scene in Hawai'i today.